This service is available to Globe and TM subsribers only. Rates apply.

P5 per FIND request.
P10 per MAP request (MMS).
P2.50 for other requests.
For FREE Globe 7000 Info text TRACKER to 7000
Special Deals:
Mass Finder
- This service allows Globe and TM subscribers to find mass schedules within his vicinity using LBS, or in specific places.

To find mass schedules:

- Within your vicinity, text:
MASS and send to 7000.

Sample reply from Tracker

Mass schedule/s found nearest you for today: 1. Hearts of Jesus and Mary Parish, Quezon City at 06:30 AM, 06:00 PM. To get next listing, text NEXT to 7000. P2.50/text. To get more info on location of a specific church, reply with FIND <no. of chosen church> to 7000. P2.50/text. To view map of establishment, text MAP <no. of chosen establishment> to 7000. P10/mms.
a. To get whole day's schedule of a specific church
Text MASS <number of selection> to 7000.

b. To get information on the location of the church
Text FIND <number of selection>

c. To view a map of the church ( This is an MMS request )
Text VIEW <number of selection> and send to 7000
- In a specific church:
Text MASS <church name> Ex. MASS Church of the Holy Sacrifice

- Of a specific place:
Text MASS <location> Ex. MASS Cubao

- Of a specific church and place:
Text MASS <church name> IN <location>