This service is available to Globe and TM subsribers only. Rates apply.

P5 per FIND request.
P10 per MAP request (MMS).
P2.50 for other requests.
For FREE Globe 7000 Info text TRACKER to 7000
Special Deals:
Tracker Movie Finder
- This service allows Globe and TM subscribers to find movies screening within his vicinity using LBS.

to find out what movies are screening near you:
Text FIND MOVIE, and send to 7000.

Sample reply from Tracker

Movie/s screening near you: (1)Abduction (2)Contagion (3)Don'T Be Afraid Of The Dark (4)Glee The 3 D Concert Movie (5)Horrible Bosses. To find screening schedule of a specific movie in your vicinity, text FIND MOVIE <no. of movie> to 7000. ex. FIND MOVIE 3. For Movie Finder help, text FIND MOVIE HELP to 7000.

to find screening schedules for a specific movie: (This will give you the schedule of your chosen movie at cinemas within your vicinity.)
Text FIND MOVIE <movie title >