This service is available to Globe and TM subsribers only. Rates apply.

P5 per FIND request.
P10 per MAP request (MMS).
P2.50 for other requests.
For FREE Globe 7000 Info text TRACKER to 7000
Special Deals:
Person Finder
- Know where your family and friends are at all times - and grant yourself peace of mind. This is the location-based service available through text that gives you a better way to know where they are within seconds - without even having to call or text them.

Want to track your loved ones? Let us help you.

REGISTER [Free of Charge] just text:  (You only need to do this once.)
REG <your name> to 7000. Ex. REG Mia

Add your friends in your friends list: (Note that the system will send an SMS to your friend asking for his/her permission to be tracked.)
ADD <your friend's name> , <friend's mobile no>
Ex. ADD Mark , 09178001234

And here's how to find your friend:
FIND <your friend's name>. Ex. Find Mark

Sample reply from Tracker

mark is in the gen area of/near Makati Medical Center, Dela Rosa St, San Lorenzo Village, Makati City, MM. To view map of your friend's location, text MAP <name> to 7000. Ex. MAP John. P10/MMS. For FREE Tracker info, text HELP to 7000.